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Milada Milhet

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Milada Milhet

Jesse Petersen (*)

Information taken from the Jesse Petersen Youtube channel.

Who is Milada Milhet?

With a serious and precise voice, Milada Milhet is an artist of a remarkable career. She grew up in Santiago de Cuba, where she remained closely linked to the trova and the song of the author. In its beginnings it was related to artists like José Aquiles, Felipón and José Antonio Nicolás.

After integrating the group Sonetos for around five years, she decided to start her solo career, performing in Santiago venues such as La Maisón and the Tropicana Santiago cabaret. Later she decided to move to Havana and was a disciple of the maestro Luis Carbonell, who created a repertoire of Cuban and Latin American songs.

In the capital she performed in several stages and participated in festivals such as Boleros de Oro. She recorded her album Cautivo (Independent Production) and traveled to Spain to promote that compact. In that country she made a stay of six years and edited the CD A mí manera, dedicated to Luis Carbonell.

Milada Milhet - ¨Estrella¨ - Director: Jesse Petersen - Portal Del Vídeo Clip Cubano - Música cubana - Canción - CUBA.

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